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Picture of Staffan Kumlin Kumlin, Staffan Research Professor (Professor of political science, the University of Oslo) Fil.Dr., Docent +47 472 86 824 staffan.kumlin@samfunnsforskning.no Welfare, Elections and Democracy
Picture of Signe Bock  Segaard Segaard, Signe Bock Senior Research Fellow PhD +47 994 28 724 signe.b.segaard@samfunnsforskning.no Welfare, Elections and Democracy, Civil Society, Media and the public sphere
Picture of Karl Henrik  Sivesind Sivesind, Karl Henrik Research Professor Dr. polit. +47 997 06 127 karl.henrik.sivesind@samfunnsforskning.no Welfare, Civil Society
Picture of Kjersti Thorbjørnsrud Thorbjørnsrud, Kjersti Senior Research Fellow PhD +47 951 09 236 kjersti.thorbjornsrud@samfunnsforskning.no Welfare, Migration, Elections and Democracy, Media and the public sphere
Picture of Håkon Solbu Trætteberg Trætteberg, Håkon Solbu Senior Research Fellow PhD +47 920 54 308 h.s.tratteberg@samfunnsforskning.no Civil Society, Welfare