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The Board

The Board consists of one member appointed by the Norwegian Research Council, two members appointed by the University of Oslo and two members appointed by and amongst the employees. There are two additional members, originally appointed by the Institute’s founders. Their successors are appointed by the Institute for Social Research Board. The acting Chairman of the Board is professor Halvor Mehlum.


Professor Halvor Mehlum (Acting Chairman) (2017–2020)
Consultant Hilde Haugsgjerd (2017–2020)
Professor Ingjerd Hoëm (2017–2020)
Research Professor Kristian Berg Harpviken (2019–2022)
Director Anne Lindboe (2019–2022)
Research Professor Marianne Røed (2019–2020)
Research Professor Harald Dale-Olsen (2019–2020)

Deputy Members

Professor Anne Krogstad (2017–2020)
Senior Research Fellow Arne Melchior (2017–2020)
Associate Professor Jostein Askim (2017–2020)
Deputy Director and Research Fellow Anders Ravik Jupskås (2019–2022)
Senior Advisor Marit Wårum (2019–2022)
Senior Research Fellow Marte Winsvold (2019–2020)
Research Professor Henning Finseraas (2019–2020)

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