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Evaluation of gender equality policies – what works?

What gender equality measures are implemented in Nordic academic institutions - and do they work?

Project period: 2018 – 2020

Project employer: NordForsk

Project leader: Charlotte Silander

This work package is a part of NORDICORE – Nordic Centre for Research on Gender Equality in Research and Innovation

In this work package, we will collect data on gender equality and diversity policies in universities and university colleges in Norway, Sweden and Finland since the 1990s. This data will be merged with data on the development of gender balance in the same institutions in the same time period.

This exercise will result in two key analyses: First, we will map and categorize all the equality policies implemented over time, producing a new and important overview over what types of policies have been implemented, which are the most common types of policies, and how this has changed over time. Second, through analysing systematic variation across institutions and over time, we will be able to indicate which types of policies that tend to have positive (or possibly negative) impact on gender balance among the advanced academic staff.

The proposed method for policy tracking and evaluation relies heavily on the work of Frank Dobbin and his colleagues. Frank Dobbin is part of NORDICORE’s expert advisory board, and will be an important advisor in the design phase of the project.

Collecting policy data and merging these with employee data over time in research organizations in Norway, Sweden and Finland, will serve at least two important purposes. First, it will allow for unique rigorous testing of the impact of equality policies in a sector of the labour market that has been at the forefront of such policies, and that also has had a growing recruitment base in the relevant period. Second, it will allow for later international comparison, particularly with the state-of-the-art findings from the United States, contributing to the development of a context-specific understanding of the effects of equality measures in the research and innovation area.




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