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Picture of Marte Mangset Mangset, Marte Affiliated Researcher PhD +47 991 65 659 marte.mangset@samfunnsforskning.no Working Life, Welfare, Gender Equality, Elections and Democracy
Picture of Henning Finseraas Finseraas, Henning Affiliated Researcher PhD +47 482 83 631 henning.finseraas@ntnu.no Welfare, Working Life
Picture of Kjersti Misje  Østbakken Østbakken, Kjersti Misje Research Director, Work and Welfare PhD +47 991 62 556 k.m.ostbakken@samfunnsforskning.no Working Life, Gender Equality
Picture of Liza  Reisel Reisel, Liza Research Professor PhD +47 975 71 460 liza.reisel@samfunnsforskning.no Working Life, Gender Equality, Migration
Picture of Julia Orupabo Orupabo, Julia Senior Research Fellow PhD +47 976 66 787 julia.orupabo@samfunnsforskning.no Working Life, Gender Equality, Migration
Picture of Mari Teigen Teigen, Mari Research professor, Director CORE – Centre for Research on Gender Equality Dr. polit. +47 482 07 137 mari.teigen@samfunnsforskning.no Gender Equality, Working life
Picture of Marjan Nadim Nadim, Marjan Research Professor PhD +47 916 09 108 marjan.nadim@samfunnsforskning.no Working Life, Gender Equality, Migration
Picture of Sigtona Halrynjo Halrynjo, Sigtona Senior Resarch Fellow PhD +47 481 21 698 sigtona.halrynjo@samfunnsforskning.no Gender Equality, Working Life