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Gender balance in academia (NORDICORE)

Despite the fact that the Nordic countries score high on gender equality, there are major challenges related to gender balance and gender equality in academia, research and innovation.


NORDICORE is a Nordic Center of Excellence at Institute of Social Research. NORDICORE studies key issues that can help us understand and explain what promotes and inhibits gender balance and gender equality within academia and research.

NORDICORE's research is organized around the following themes:

Gender equality policies in the Nordic countries

There is great variation across and within the Nordic countries with regard to whether and how different types of equality measures have been implemented over time. Although the share of women in leadership positions has increased over the past 35 years, no previous research has attempted to evaluate which types of equality measures have had an effect on gender balance and diversity in Nordic academic institutions. In other words, we have no systematic knowledge of ‘what works’ in the context of Nordic academia. NORDICORE is committed to gaining systematic knowledge of what measures have been taken to promote gender balance and gender equality, and analyze what works and which equality policies and measures that is less likely to achieve gender balance.

Work packages:

Academic careers: challenges and barriers to gender balance

NORDICORE studies how the interplay between family life and professional life affects gender differences in academia. We are concerned with questions like: What distinctive challenges are there in academia related to combining family life and careers? Are women and men considered equal in academic institutions when applying for positions and promotion?

Work packages:

  • Research careers and family
  • Mapping academic excellence and evaluating cultures
  • Evaluation cultures

Similarities and differences: comparing across sectors

A significant contribution of NORDICORE is to understand the mechanisms at work in maintaining or changing patterns of gender inequalities in research and innovation. We aim to compare research and innovation with other sectors and take advantage of and use our knowledge of the mechanisms producing, maintaining and changing gender segregation in the labour market.

Work packages:

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