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Are internationalization and excellence policies bad for women?

Three internationally leading academics are visiting the Institute for Social Research to discuss how new requirements to internationalized academic careers affect male and female scholars.

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Although the Nordic countries have made important progress towards gender equality, major challenges remain in academia and beyond.

NORDICORE – Nordic Center of Excellence for Research on Gender Equality in Research and Innovation, funded by NordForsk, aim to better understand and explain processes of change and stability in gender relations in academia, research and innovation.

Increased focus on internationalization, mobility and excellence allegedly creates barriers to women’s academic careers and impede gender equality progress. An opposing claim argues that increasing emphasis on international networks and measurable excellence criteria may in fact help break down old academic hierarchies and nepotism in hiring and promotion.


To enlighten and inspire research and research policy debate, NORDICORE invites to a seminar with three distinguished international scholars and leading experts on the changes in academia, research policies and its gendered consequences. You will hear three keynote lectures, followed by comments and debate.

Women in Global Science: Advancing Careers Through International Research Collaboration, by Professor Kathrin Zippel, Sociology, Northeastern University, College of Social Science and Humanities

Excellence: A rationalising (gendered?) myth? by Professor Pat O'Connor, Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Limerick and Visiting Professor, Geary Institute, University College Dublin.

Fitting ‘Diversity’ as ‘Internationalization’ into Gender Equality Strategies, by Dr. Anke Lipinsky, senior researcher GESIS-Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences, Center of excellence Women and Science



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