Nettsider med emneord «Working Life»

Illustration of a man and a woman on a career ladder
Publisert 7. nov. 2022 12:40

The project summarizes existing knowledge about gender balance in boards and management in Norwegian business life. It also contributes with an assessment of how the measures to promote such gender balance have worked.

Publisert 7. juni 2022 10:55

The growing impacts from climate change and environmental problems raise a variety of different questions for social research. This research initiative sheds light on social science research questions within climate change and environmental policy and aims to put forward new insights on this profound challenge of our times.

The initiative is coordinated as an umbrella project with experience-sharing across subprojects.

Two people greeting by touching elbows
Publisert 23. mars 2022 15:03

In this project, we will investigate the consequences of the pandemic for children’s and young people’s conditions in which to grow up, for equality in families and for individuals, including children and adults with disabilities, as well as experiences on the internet. 

Picture of surveys and a graph
Publisert 22. feb. 2022 09:27

Public authorities and employers’ activity duty and the duty to issue a statement

Publisert 23. nov. 2021 08:56

This project examines the relationship between men’s and women’s work, and fertility. For most families, there is a conflict between time and income in the decision to have children.

Publisert 29. okt. 2021 12:08

Towards equal opportunities?

The project is part of CORE – Centre for Research on Gender Equality

Publisert 15. okt. 2021 12:34
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Illustration of five rising money towers
Publisert 22. jan. 2021 13:32

In this project, we analyze the wage trajectories of researchers in the Norwegian labor market.

Publisert 13. jan. 2021 08:49
Publisert 13. nov. 2020 09:40
Publisert 17. aug. 2020 12:31

What are the greatest challenges to freedom of expression today? The public debate on freedom of expression is distinguished by strong opinions and numerous warnings. There is growing unrest about freedom of expression as the foundation of truth-seeking, knowledge, democracy and the formation of opinion.

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Publisert 28. juli 2020 11:32

How employers and employees manoeuvre under the new circumstances in The Norwegian pension reform.

Older man working on computer
Publisert 30. juni 2020 14:48

Do older workers find the transition to working from home more difficult?

Two boys and a girl studying in the library
Publisert 23. mars 2020 13:27

The project aims to understand the health consequences of gender differences in school performance and examine whether they are explained by differences in timing of physical maturity between girls and boys.