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Publisert 7. juni 2022 10:55

The growing impacts from climate change and environmental problems raise a variety of different questions for social research. This research initiative sheds light on social science research questions within climate change and environmental policy and aims to put forward new insights on this profound challenge of our times.

The initiative is coordinated as an umbrella project with experience-sharing across subprojects.

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Publisert 23. mars 2022 15:03

In this project, we will investigate the consequences of the pandemic for children’s and young people’s conditions in which to grow up, for equality in families and for individuals, including children and adults with disabilities, as well as experiences on the internet. 

Publisert 13. okt. 2021 10:14
Publisert 12. okt. 2021 11:18
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Publisert 6. mai 2021 15:26

The project investigates the factors that beyond individual and family resources generate inequalities in children and youth participation in organized leisure activities.

This project is part of the Centre for Research on Civil Society and Voluntary Sector.

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Publisert 13. jan. 2021 08:49
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Publisert 28. juli 2020 11:32

How employers and employees manoeuvre under the new circumstances in The Norwegian pension reform.

Publisert 23. mars 2020 14:24

Behavioral adaptations to the new pension system and their consequences in a lifetime perspective.

Publisert 17. jan. 2020 11:37

The umbrella project NORPOL is a collection of researcher-initiated sub-projects. The aim is to analyse whether Norwegian society is being polarized – and, if so, how.

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Publisert 18. mars 2019 13:17
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Publisert 29. jan. 2019 11:27

A study of the service chain for unaccompanied minor refugees.

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Publisert 24. jan. 2019 09:05
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Publisert 4. jan. 2019 14:49

New Pension System: Legitimacy, Behavioural Effects and Sustainability.

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Publisert 5. des. 2018 14:09

EU migrant workers and the access to social security.

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Publisert 29. juni 2018 11:37

Literature review of national and international research.

Publisert 30. apr. 2018 13:33