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The aim of this project is to identify methods and integration measures that work for different groups. A key question is how the integration programs can best be adapted to the changing composition of refugee groups arriving in Norway.

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In this project, we will investigate the consequences of the pandemic for children’s and young people’s conditions in which to grow up, for equality in families and for individuals, including children and adults with disabilities, as well as experiences on the internet. 

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Publisert 9. juni 2021 10:22

Balancing vulnerability and future integration in eight resettlement countries.

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The project investigates the factors that beyond individual and family resources generate inequalities in children and youth participation in organized leisure activities.

This project is part of the Centre for Research on Civil Society and Voluntary Sector.

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The project identifies the norms that determine (non-)deportability and theorises the scoping conditions under which they are promoted and contested.

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Are the Nordic countries moving towards temporary protection for refugees? What are the legal and political implications of increased temporariness in the Nordics?

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Refugee camp
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How does the law assess, address, shape and produce the vulnerabilities of the protection seekers?

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The umbrella project NORPOL is a collection of researcher-initiated sub-projects. The aim is to analyse whether Norwegian society is being polarized – and, if so, how.

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Attitudes, experiences, discrimination and practices

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A study of the service chain for unaccompanied minor refugees.

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EU migrant workers and the access to social security.