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Migration to Norway - Flows and regulation

The project Migration to Norway - Flows and regulation is a partnership between the Institute for Social Research and The Faculty of Law at the University of Bergen. Other partners include the research section at the Ministry of Justice in The Netherlands and The Danish National Centre for Social Research (SFI).

The project consists of four modules. A wide variety of qualitative and quantitative methods are used in order to shed light on the relationships between migration flows and policies.

  •  Module 1: Interrelated migration flows – the impact of policy
  •  Module 2: The Norwegian immigration and asylum regime within the context of European and international law
  •  Module 3: Forced migration flows - understanding asylum journeys
  •  Module 4: Changing patterns of family migration – a comparative study of Norway and Denmark

The project will produce knowledge about migration flows and regulations for Norway and eight other countries, both as it is today and how it has developed. On this page you will find information about the project, participants and the research that is produced.

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10. november 2014

Pakistanere i Norge gifter seg senere, viser forskning fra Institutt for Samfunnsforskning.

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